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Dwayne is a computer geek who maintains a website about the Yosts called He first appears with Jerri in "His Visit: Day Five".

In "His Visit: Day Six", Dwayne tells Butchie that Shaun should have his own website. When Butchie approaches Shaun to ask him about it, Shaun refers to Dwayne as a tool!

HBO Character DescriptionEdit

Computer geek and custodian of the Yost family web site – Dwayne manages his project from Jerri's local café. Battling shyness because of his harelip, he's made a life out of steering clear of most social situations until the strange goings on around town drag him unwillingly into the middle of things. [1]


  1. "HBO Cast & Crew: Dwayne",, 2007.

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