A list of songs used on John From Cincinnati.

Promo and Epsiode PreviewsEdit

  • Cuts from "The Perfect Ending", performed by Harriet Street, accompany much of the promo video and each of the previews that run immediately following each episode except the finale.

Episode RecapsEdit

  • Cuts from an unidentified piece accompany the recaps that immediately precede each episode except the first.

Episode ThemeEdit

"His Visit: Day One"Edit

"His Visit: Day Two"Edit

"His Visit: Day Two Continued"Edit

"His Visit: Day Three"Edit

"His Visit: Day Four"Edit

  • Can anyone identify the jazz piano piece that is playing in the hotel bar while Tina and Linc are talking at the end of the episode?

"His Visit: Day Five"Edit

"His Visit: Day Six"Edit

"His Visit: Day Seven"Edit

"His Visit: Day Eight"Edit

  • The closing song is the Memphis soul classic "Hold On, I'm Coming", written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter and performed by Sam & Dave. This is not the original version and sounds like a much later remake; does anyone know the date of this recording?

"His Visit: Day Nine"Edit


NOTE: For the record, many of the descriptions found on this page of the various musical pieces in John From Cincinnati were stolen from here and not the other way around. — Greg (talk) 22:08, 8 March 2008 (UTC)