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Since redemption and the apocalypse were major themes on the show, breaking the wheel of karma seems to join the two. Here is the wheel as I see it right now:

- Mitch injures his knee and takes his grief out on Cissy

- Cissy takes drugs to escape Mitch's anger and, in a drug-induced stupor, shows Butchie "how to do that" [masturbate]

- Butchie takes out his anger on Barry by hitting him with a broom handle and inducing epilepsy that also trigger visions including the one that gives him the winning MegaMillions loto numbers

- "Barry the Fairy's" molestation at 11 led him to be a target for ridicule, including Butchie's attack when they were 12 years old

- Butchie further masks his anger with drugs leading him to Steady Freddy and Tina Blake with whom he has Shaun

- Tina, guilty about abandoning Shaun to his grandparents, becomes involved in the porn business

- Bill, grief-struck from the loss of his wife [and his mistakes that he believes let her suffer and die], lead him to mentor Shaun in the absence of a father figure [with both Butchie and Mitch at the distant periphery]

John's presence leads to: - Shaun's resurrection of Zippy in front of Bill

- Bill's return of faith that encourages him to take Zippy to Shaun's bedside after the accident

- Mitch's levitation [inability to run] and return to "the game" [selflessness and love]

- Butchie recovering from drug addiction

- Tina returning and seeking to reconnect with her son

- Freddie's desire to protect the Yost family and leave the dealing business

- Bill's decision to reconnect with the memory of his dead wife - Zippy's return

- Barry's decision to not tear down the Snug Harbor Motel and instead face his past [forgive his abuser and release the dead man from purgatory]

- Linc's chance to act selflessly and "get in the game"

Anyone game for adding / revising this start?

sean (talk) 17:51, 14 August 2007 (UTC)

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